Every appeal matters

Everyone here at Carla Lane’s Animals in Need is always overwhelmed with the huge support we get when we need funds to help animals in need. Whether it’s a dog that needs its leg amputating, its eye removed or funds for a court appeal to save its life, our loyal supporters allow us to look after more animals in need. But looking after the animals is much more than just physical care.

Each and every one of us provide endless hours of our time ensuring the animals are emotionally cared and ensure their wellbeing and welfare is enhanced at every stage. Making sure their living areas are safe, secure and adequate is a must. But these things all cost money. In truth, it wouldn’t be a lie to say that this side of the care we provide is sometimes overlooked by those donating to various appeals.

Of course, saving life is always a priority, but as the years fly by, our older style, 30 year old kennels have started to become inadequate. In some instances they also become unsafe, for example when a kennel door gets broken. While to many, these important maintenance tasks seem trivial in comparison, money for these vital necessities has to be sorted regardless of the cost. If we don’t have the facilities which exceed statutory requirements, we cannot offer the level of care we want to. Also, they don’t represent the excellent level of care our dedicated team deliver, each and every day.

In a nutshell, the truth is- if we don’t receive valued donations to provide new, fully equipped kennels, we cannot help more dogs in desperate need. Our vision is to build well made, high quality kennels which provide better quality lives for each and every one of our dogs. The new kennels would be lighter, airier and complete with outside runs. However, we have a mammoth task ahead of us- we have a whopping 30 large pens to renovate, plus new lighting and ventilation. The fact the dogs spend over 20 hours a day shut in a pen, Carla Lane’s Animals in Need want to make them feel at home until that special person comes along and offers them a future.

But none of this is possible without the generosity of you, the general public. As always, we are eternity grateful to those who have already donated towards all of our appeals- we cannot thank you enough. Moving forwards, our appeal targets are significant- new kennels are very expensive with estimates coming in at between £60-80k. We appreciate that this appeal will be one of our biggest yet and that’s why we need your help. We know times are tough for everyone and no amount is too small, every penny counts.

As always, if you are able to make a donation, take a look at all of the ways you can donate here. Alternatively, if you cannot donate any money but would like to give your time to help unwanted and abandoned animals see our Volunteering page to find out how you can help.

Thank you, as always!