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This is a live feed from our Facebook album named ‘Dogs Needing Homes’ and is updated by of Facebook lady, Tracey. 

The feed updates every 20 minutes from Facebook.  Please note that due to time constraints, there may be some discrepancies of what animals are listed as available as adoptions take place daily.  Please always contact us for the latest updates.

All of these dogs can be viewed for re-homing at Carla Lane Animals in Need Liverpool, 3 Spurriers Lane, Melling, Liverpool. L31 1BA. 0151 549 0959. (This album is kept up to date weekly and most of these dogs have their own album on our ‘Albums’ page).

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Kayla is a Joey's Legacy Boxer Rescue dog and if you are interested in adopting her please contact Joey's Legacy direct. We always try to help each other.
This poor girl is 7 year old Kayla (formerly Taylor) she arrived as an emergency case. Kayla is a small mastiff cross who was described as being extremely unwell, lethargic, vomiting, diarrhea and a swollen stomach, the symptoms suggested a possible pyometra, so we agreed to take her in and she was rushed straight to our vets who confirmed she did in fact have an extremely large pyometra. Kayla was taken straight in for surgery and a pyo of almost 4kg was removed! She is now recovering well although spent the following day at the vets on a drip to increase her fluids, but despite everything she has bounced back and is a transformed dog, she even removed her cannula and decided it was home time. Taylor will be looking for a home once fully recovered and assessed. She is a chilled girl, but very needy, she wasn't phased or interested in the other dogs at the vets. More info to follow
This is Sooty. He is still with his owner. He is a friendly boy originally rescued from Egypt at 6 months old. He would like an adult home with no small furries! Owner feels a home with no other dogs would be best for him, although he does currently live with a female Rottweiler. He can jump 6ft fence ignores dogs off lead but reactive to other dogs when on a lead. He is strong on the lead so needs a capable owner. He is a GSD/Saluki/Retriever cross! He is now about 6 years old. If you might be interested in meeting him please telephone us on 0151 549 0959
How much is that doggie in the window...! 

Of course our gorgeous Oscar is priceless! The cost is simply love, patience and commitment - but you will be repaid many times over.

Oscar is a typical wiggly-bum staffie who's been waiting way too long for his chance at happiness. This boy misses his home comforts and is just crying out for some company and attention, it really does break our hearts to know he waits alone day after day. Oscar needs an experienced adult owner with a pet and child free home, someone who will give this lovely boy the security and love he craves and show him he never has to worry again. Please contact us if you think you could be Oscar's perfect match, we know his forever home is out there somewhere!
Life from a pound dogs eyes....
My name is Harry, although really I look like more of a 'Scruffy'. The photo lady said she had never seen a dog that looked like me before. I look a bit like a Norfolk/Norwich terrier but double the size! I am a medium sized dog (as you can see on my new photos). I have a comical and adorable face! No one has any idea what breed I am. I was just left tied up outside Asda and no one claimed me. It's a tough life being a dog sometimes. I can be boisterous and dominant and would benefit from an active home with owners who are experienced with dogs like me, who would like a bit of training. I have an issue with vets! Any veterinary treatment I need is to be undertaken at The Sanctuary. I love other dogs but I can be possessive over toys and sticks etc so I need an adult only home as I can be dominant at first but once I know you I am really lovely, so I would like a firm but kind owner. Having said this, I was an angel for the photo lady and took my treats gently and sat down for her. I just need to know who is boss and then I think I will make an adorable companion for someone. The photo lady said I am very handsome and have lovely eyes. I love playing and cuddles. I am about 2 years old. Please come and see me. Love Harry xx
Look at that adorable face! Handsome curro originally came from Spain. He is a friendly gentle boy in our care, always well behaved and clean in his kennel. Curro will require some further lead training in his new home. Curro is looking for an adult home with no other pets. He is great in a home, house trained and not destructive. ❤️
Sox is a very handsome collie, he is 6 years old. Sox is amazing here at the rescue, very gentle, loving and house trained. He walks nicely on the lead and walks ok near other dogs too. Sox is a big cuddly boy who just wants to please his owner. He did nip at his previous home so will require an adult collie experienced home. Sox has been great with all staff here but can be protective if strangers approach. Sox will make a great companion 🐾
Max is a stunning 2-3 year old golden cocker spaniel. He is a lovely boy, but he can be wary when he first meets new people. He quickly makes friends and is then a friend for life. Max was due to be put to sleep as he had nipped a child in his home. After assessing max for the past week we now feel he is ready for a new home. Max needs an adult home with no children or visiting children, someone who has dog experience or has previously a owned spaniel type would be ideal. Max is known to guard his food in his previous home but we have had no issues in the rescue feeding and cleaning him. Max never toilets in his kennel and loves to go out for long walks, and he can be strong on the lead. Today max has enjoyed playing fetch and having lots of cuddles with his buddy. We really hope max gets the understanding home he needs 💚🐾
Big Tyson is still looking for his special home. He is 19 months old and full of fun. 
He’s a strong lad but walks well with our staff. He is good with other dogs. He’s getting very stressed in Kennels. 
If you like the big dogs please come and visit him.
This is Tyson, he is 3 years old. His owner is ill in hospital and he needs a new home. He’s been very well looked after. 
He is good with some dogs and been around children in the family but never lived with them. 
If you have a Tyson shaped hole in your heart and home please come and visit him.
Well hello everyone I am Delectable Doris and I have been chosen to read the news because even  though I am gorgeous 💕I have waited far too long for a home. 🏡I did live happily with my previous family and was never naughty or aggressive but I am not a lover of other dogs 🐶 and don’t want to share my space.
The  staff love me and say I am loyal and loving so please come and visit and ask to meet me. 🥰
Now here comes the news and it’s worth waiting for😃
The Cattery carers,  Kate and Karen, are happy to announce that Cats , Joey, Eclipsa and Tilly got homes everyone is so pleased especially for Tilly . Kittens Lara and Lilac found a home together, and they have several lovely siblings still waiting here. Kate also said to say big thank-you to all who donated to the poor sick cats that were abandoned 👏🏻 We got another one yesterday 🙈a little kitten , only a baby and far too young to be out. She had been hit by a car and the Vet said she had to have operation to close a huge gash on her side but will make a good recovery, so that’s good News isn’t it🤗
Now to the lucky 🍀 dogs that got a home, first is 
Lovely old Max, he is still recovering from kennel cough and has to have the big lump removed from his leg but a lovely lady saw the beauty in his eyes 😍and chose him. We are all very sad that his original owner abandoned him in such a state but he has a wonderful home now, where he will be appreciated and loved. Big handsome staffie X Tyson got a home after 1 day!  That made me sulk a bit!  Martine,  Cindy and Lola also got picked 🤗they are so lucky. 
Poor Lipsey, Missy and Brewster are sad ☹️ they didn’t get chosen. It’s got to be me this week please 🙏 I will make someone very happy so come and ask to meet me, Delectable Doris 😃X
Magnus is a lovely boy originally adopted from CLAIN as a puppy. He is now 1 year old lurcher possibly wolfhound cross judging by his size! He is a sweet boy friendly but a little shy at first he quickly comes out of his shell and is a silly pup at heart. He is great in a home and would suit a home with older children. Magnus can be worried getting in and out the car so will need some training for this. We are ideally looking for someone with experience of this breed. We are open 1.00-4.30
For viewings ❤️
Hi everyone it’s me lipsy again, I’m going to keep reading the news until I’m in it! People have visited me but they don’t want me, I’m either too old, too lively I can’t win? I’m 5-6 years old so still very young at heart and full of fun and love, come and see me you won’t be disappointed I just need a pet free home. The news this weekend was jack the jack russell and Finn the new boy we’re adopted, those pesky small dogs get adopted so quick! Keeping my paws crossed this is my week. Lots of love lipsy🐶🐶🐶
Hi everyone it’s me Jeffrey 🐶 with the news for today, I’m really happy today because 3 bullbreeds were adopted today zeus, Rex and Maxine. Poor lipsy is still waiting she’s super cute and Tyson the staffie has come back into the rescue it didn’t work out in his new home, he needs a home we’re he can sleep in the bed with his new owners it’s what he’s always done 😢. Anyway iv been waiting ages too, I’m quite good looking if I do say so myself and I’m a lovely boy I just don’t want to share my home with other pets. Hope tomorrow is a another good day too! Lots of love Jeffrey ❤️❤️❤️
Odin has recently been returned he is a 9 month old lab/pointer crossbreed. He has severe separation anxiety and just wants cuddles all day long, when left alone he will bark and chew. He is great with all people and children and is good with other dogs. Odin needs a home with experience of dogs as he will need time and patience to help him overcome his issue. He is very sad in kennels and is getting lots of tlc from the staff.  We hope he finds his forever home soon 💚💚
Hi everyone  it’s me Rosie I’m an 11 month old terrier cross, very small but with the biggest personality! Iv not had a good start in life so I need an adult owner with experience of little terrors I mean terriers like me! Iv never been trained on a lead so the staff are working with me at the rescue and I am doing really well, I do still bark at some dogs. I need an adult home with no pets, I hope I find my new home soon usually little dogs get adopted quickly but no not me! The news today is Connor and nugget the cats were adopted and  little dolly the pug and suki the Bulgarian pup were adopted too.. it looked very busy for a Thursday! Keeping my paws crossed it’s my turn soon. Love from Rosie x

Bella is not yet back at the rescue so please ring 01515490959 to arrange to view her. She has been great in her home and has lived with two other dogs but her behaviour has become more dominant around the other dogs in the home and we feel Bella would prefer to live as an only pet we’re she will get all the love and attention she craves. Here is a write up from her former owner...

Hi my name is Bella I’m a staffie cross. I’m just 12 months old and I’m the most loving and affectionate dog ever.I love nothing better than cuddling up and being stroked. I’m very clever I can sit and stay and love to give my paw. I walk beautifully on my lead and I sit at the kerb without being asked. But I’m still learning how to act on my lead when I see another dog. I can be very excited and vocal but I have a new lead so please understand I will need more lead training but I’m a fast learner. I’m the best at retrieving a ball and could play this all day. I’m also a top swimmer and love having a bath.
I have always lived with other dogs but now I’m getting older I’m not sure I want to share my things anymore. My dream would be to live with just you and me and for you to be at home most of the day to cuddle me.
Hello everyone I am gorgeous Nikita and I am reading the News. 😇
Firstly, I have been told to apologise to you all because we haven’t posted news for a week! 🤭There is so much of it but everyone has been so busy with all the Dogs and cats coming in; as well as the poor sick  ones like old Max 🤕and puppies and kittens to look after. 
It’s been a very hard week and our Laura, the kennel manager, is away on holiday 😎she so deserves one  but we all really miss her, especially Lexie and Humphrey 🐶they are both having a sulk. ☹️Lucky that our old friend Lauren is giving up time to walk Lexie, or she would be in a right strop🙈😬 It’s good when people help out, it means the staff can spend more time with us so we don’t get lonely. 
One thing that’s never forgotten is our lovely good night Treat from Cathy, she comes in at 9 every night to check all 40 of us and make sure we are warm and cozy before handing out the Sausages 🌭that’s the best part of the day😋
Well I suppose I better tell you the news. Lots of dogs got a home, 🤗 lovely saffron, Angie, Beans, Robbie, Kellie the staffie, chutney, Sadie, Sandy and dotty !!!they are so lucky. 🍀
 I am sad that I haven’t,  😢because I was really good in my home and well behaved but I had a few accidents when my lovely owner went back to work so now am waiting for someone to choose me. 
I am older and need a comfy home, please ask to meet me, you won’t be disappointed. 

Kate the Cattery 😺manager has been run off her feet caring for over 50 cats and kittens but she is chuffed that some have found homes this week.  Big grumpy Alfie 😾 Found a home 🏡 and shy brothers Tiggy and Taffy also Lovely Pri who had been waiting the longest was chosen and gentle older Jags, a lovely girl,  is also homed How good is all that! 👏🏻Worth waiting for I hope🤗 Kate has asked me to mention Chilli. She is gorgeous a lovely grey colour and she has lived with a dog 🐕 but she doesn’t care for the attention of children,  so needs an adult home where she can be an indoor cat but she walks on  a harness and lead😃!! How cute is that! She really misses being in a home . So have a look at her pictures and come and make her day and mine ! 

Don’t forget to ask for me Nikita, oh and little white staffie Princess she is so sad 😞 she cries for attention and she is a nice housetrained girl,  she said to say she can live with a family but not a dog or cat😬. Well that’s it folks,phew! Thanks for being patient we hope to have newsreaders every-night from now on, they are in training 🙈
Love Nikita and Sanctuary pals X
Well just look at gorgeous cuddly me! I am Missy and Princess put me forward to read the news. She is ecstatic 😃jumping about with joy, she got chosen today by a lovely couple who saw her in the news🤗 She is going home on Saturday 🏡 and she said I should read the news so some lovely person will choose me!🙏
Bruno also got a home but no cats or kittens 😾where are all the lovely cat 🐈 lovers? 
We have dozens of gorgeous cats and kittens waiting for a home of their own. 
I Promised to mention Martine the X  German Shepard , she has come from an awful place in Spain,  a lovely lady saw her suffering and rescued her and sent her to us . 
Also Lipsey my staffie friend she is missing her family life and asked to be mentioned😊if you are looking for a loyal fun loving family dog.
The baby rabbits are so cute 🐰and now ready for homes and the 2 cute guinea pigs. Come and visit us and choose a new pal but I am first remember to ask to meet me, gorgeous Missy. I hope tomorrow the news reports that I am homed. Good night lovely Facebook friends. X
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