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Our Dogs

This is a live feed from our Facebook album named ‘Dogs Needing Homes’ and is updated by of Facebook lady, Tracey. 

The feed updates every 20 minutes from Facebook.  Please note that due to time constraints, there may be some discrepancies of what animals are listed as available as adoptions take place daily.  Please always contact us for the latest updates.

All of these dogs can be viewed for re-homing at Carla Lane Animals in Need Liverpool, 3 Spurriers Lane, Melling, Liverpool. L31 1BA. 0151 549 0959. (This album is kept up to date weekly and most of these dogs have their own album on our ‘Albums’ page).

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Life from a pound dogs eyes....
MAUI IS CURRENTLY NOT READY FOR A HOME 🖤 MAUI 🖤 Maui is a 10 month old, working line German Shepherd. He has found himself looking for a new home due to an unforeseen and very unfortunate change in circumstances. Maui is a special lad, he has been very much loved and spoilt. He has lived with children and other dogs, however he has grown up with these children and will not be suited to live with unfamiliar children. Maui is very much overwhelmed in the kennel environment, typical shepherd, a very dramatic performance 🙄 but once out of the kennel such a loving, affectionate and playful. He can be unsure of strangers and lacks in confidence, he needs socialisation and an experienced GSD owner. He is NOT suitable for a working role and can be fearful in certain situations. Maui is looking for an active home, GSD experience, adult only. If you are interested in Maui please fill out the application form below. He is currently still under assessment and we will be calling successful applicants later in the week.
Unfortunately it hasn’t worked out with Ace’s home and he has been returned to us. Ace is a 6 month old American Bulldog cross, he his looking for an adult home experienced with large bullbreeds. This amazing lad has been through quite a lot recently, he came into us originally with a bad break on his leg but thankfully this has now been pinned together and he has been signed off by the vet♥️ Ace is your typical young lad, full of fun and energy! He will flourish in a experienced home with structure and boundaries. Ace LOVES his food and toys, this will come in very useful when it comes to doing training with him in the future. He loves us walks but due to his recent operation he is currently on short walks only but will gradually be built up😊 We feel a home that is willing to put time and effort into doing training with him would be very beneficial. Ace hasn’t had socialisation with animals and currently does not like them but we know with some patience and training that he has so much potential to overcome these issues. Let us tell you, Ace will repay his new home with loyalty and lots of love♥️ If Ace sounds like the dog for you, please apply below!:
Our very special lad Romeo enjoying the shade and showing the others how it is done 😎 Romeo is such a special boy, he really is a fantastic dog, who will make the right person a perfect companion. Romeo is an absolute dream to walk, he is spotless in his kennel. He loves his toys and treats and knows lots of tricks 🥰 Romeo has recently been given authorisation by the courts to look for his forever home, unfortunately is subject to a control order due to an incident that happened in a home last year. The courts and independent behaviourists have deemed Romeo safe to be rehomed in a responsible, adult only home. Romeo absolutely loves everyone at the sanctuary and visitors ❤️ We are looking for a special person, couple or adult family (18+) who has space in their heart for a true diamond of a dog… 💎 Romeo needs a capable, competent owner willing to abide by all of the rules and regulations stated on his control order. This is not negotiable and MUST a be adhered too. If you would like to apply to adopt Romeo or express interest and request more information. Please fill in the application below with as much information as possible 😍
SPECIAL HOME NEEDED - PLEASE SHARE ♥️ Please meet Caesar, he is an amazing 7yr old American Bulldog. What can we say about Caesar, there isn’t a person that has met him that hasn’t fallen in love🥺 Caesar is friendly, loving and is just a fabulous boy. He loves company of his human friends but is happy to keep himself busy with some of his favourite toys♥️ Caesar is great in kennels, he has never dirtied inside and always holds it in! His favourite time of the day is dinner time, he’s not a fussy boy and is very much a foodie. Caesar needs a very special home, unfortunately he is subject to a control order due to an incident that happened in his home a while ago. The courts and independent behaviourists have deemed Caesar safe to be rehomed in a responsible, adult only home. Caesar absolutely loves everyone at the sanctuary and visitors ❤️ We are looking for a special person, couple or adult family (18+) who has space in their heart for a true diamond of a dog… 💎 Caesar needs a capable, competent owner willing to abide by all of the rules and regulations stated on his control order. This is not negotiable and MUST a be adhered too. He will need a pet free home. Caesar is truly a fabulous and loyal boy, he deserves a chance of being loved and we hope there is somebody out here that will just fall in love with our amazing lad. If you would like to apply to adopt Caesar or express interest and request more information, Please fill in the application below with as much information as possible 😍
Meet Albie 🖤 He is a very handsome, 18 month old Podenco cross originally from a Cypriot rescue. Albie has been great with all of our staff, very playful and eager to please, however his previous owner did have concerns over some reactivity and guarding issues. Albie was fantastic at his doggy daycare and when our staff went to visit him prior to coming in. 🥰 Albie has lots of energy, he loves to run and play, he is full of fun and as you can see even enjoyed a dip in the paddling pool 💦 He loves his toys but has no issues giving them up and even likes to play fetch. 🎾 Albie was crate trained at a young age so was comfortable in his crate, however this would need refreshing if necessary as he hasn’t been in a while. He knows his basic commands and is really eager to learn and please.❤️ Albie is good with dogs but will chase cats and smaller animals. He is looking for an adult only home with plenty of time and patience to train and exercise him. He is a young boy with lots of energy. 🐕 Albie can be wary of strangers so it may take a few viewings before we allow him to be adopted. Ideally potential owners need to be local to us for this reason. 🏡 If you would like to offer Albie a forever home, please fill in the application below with as much information as possible.
💙🐾 Marley 💙🐾 Our very handsome boy Marley is still looking for his forever home. Marley has been with us for over a year, he has had his fair share of homes initially having issues with resource guarding. We enrolled Marley onto a residential training program in which he did absolutely fantastic and improved greatly. We found what we thought was Marleys forever home, but unfortunately due to attachment to his owners and being in a home at long last, Marley developed some separation anxiety and attached himself to his female owner. This caused difficulty within the household and unfortunately Marley had to be returned to us. We feel Marley’s ideal home would be an active female owner, with experience in challenging dogs, who is willing to work with our trainer to continue the training program. Although Marley does have guarding issues, he has never shown this behaviour around other dogs so we are open for him to homed with another lovely female dog. Marley is a typical younger beagle boy and is full of energy, the other dog in the home must lively. Marley is very much a strong character, he loves to run and play, a garden would be perfect for him. He walks well on the lead, he is good with other dogs. He is great with people when out and about but can have some issues with strangers inside the home, however he is crate trained and loves his crate so will happily take himself to his crate when visitors arrive or he can be introduced to them and can he easily won over with a tasty treat. Marley really deserves his forever home, he is still such a young boy, with lots of potential and love to give. Marley has bitten in a previous home, he is not for the faint hearted but with the help of our behaviourist we feel that he will come on leaps and bounds in a experienced home. He will need an adult only home. If you meet the criteria required and would like to apply to adopt Marley please fill out the application below with as much information as possible.
Special Home Needed 💖 Meet Poppy, a 4 year old Staffy cross English Bullterrier. Poppy was originally bought by her previous owners off Gumtree, in an attempt to offer her a forever home, unfortunately recently Poppy began to display some issues within the home and out and about and Poppy was ultimately at risk of being PTS. Since being with us Poppy has been typical of what you would expect a staffy cross EBT to be! She is playful, active, enjoys a fuss and a cuddle. She can be boisterous and mouthy but is easily discouraged. She hasn’t destroyed a single thing inside or outside of her kennel, in fact she is super clean. She has shown non of the typical tell tale signs of separation anxiety, she seems happy and content in her own company. She has also improved very much on walks and will happily walk along side other dogs and people with no issues. She is shy around new people and wary of some but is growing in confidence everyday and the staff have fallen in love with her! 🥰 Poppy is looking for her forever home. She needs an understanding, patient and experienced owner willing to train and socialise her should it be necessary once returning to a home environment. She needs an SINGLE PERSON only home, in which she will be very much loved but also with rules and boundaries. Experience of a mouthy, boisterous bullbreed would be perfect! Ideally someone who is home all day initially or has the ability to spend time gradually increasing the time that Poppy is left alone just incase she suffers from any anxiety. Although Poppy has lived with another dog before, she needs a pet free home. Poppy is a really sweet, misunderstood girl. She will make somebody a fantastic companion. She has lots of love to give ❤️ If you think you have the perfect home environment for Poppy and would like to offer her a home for life, please fill in the application form below with as much detail as possible.
Please meet Luna! Luna is a beautiful 2-3yr old large staff cross, she has unfortunately been returned into our care due to illness. Luna is shy initially when meeting people but soon comes out of her shell🤍 Luna is an active, playf and energetic girl who needs a home with the same amount of energy! It would be great if her home enjoyed lots of walks. Luna is strong, she will need a physically capable home. She does walk very well on her kumfi Kalmer here at the sanctuary🐶 Luna is good with dogs out and about but does like her own space, she does not want to share her home with any other animals. If you think Luna could be the dog for you please apply below:
💕 SPECIAL APPEAL 💕 Yesterday one of our dogs rehomed a year ago was picked up a a stray by a kind rescue in Bolton. When we arrived to collect him, we got talking to staff and volunteers who explained they had an older staffie girl, called Sky, who wasn’t coping well in their kennels and in the environment. They had paid to have a huge ulcerated lump removed from her leg, she had started to eat it it was so uncomfortable for her. Since the operation Sky was extremely stressed, she would cry, howl and in turn stress out the other dogs in a small kennel block. She was very upset and the staff were at a loss on what to do and how to help her, they had appealed for foster homes with no success. So, we believe everything happens for a reason 💕 and fate has its way… we couldn’t leave Sky, I mean who could say no to this face 🥺 Sky is much happier and content already, she is cosy and warm and even loves her cuddly bunny. She is an older girl and does seem to have some dementia and confusion, with this seems to come some separation anxiety. She loves to cuddle and would make a perfect companion. Sky will be seeing our vet over the next couple of days, she has sore ears and has the odd lump and bump which we would like to get checked. She has also been used for breeding. We are searching for a staffie experienced long term foster home for this beautiful girl to live out her days. She has been reactive to dogs in the previous kennels, which we suspect my have been environmental, however she does need a capable handler with NO PETS OR CHILDREN as a precaution. She enjoys short walks or would even be happy with a large garden. She does get disorientated from time to time and fall, but she is recovers quickly and is happy to run and play. If you would like to offer Sky a long term foster home please fill out the application form below with as much information as possible. If you would like to make a contribution to Sky’s on going vet bills please donate below ❤️
Gorgeous Cory is looking for his forever home🤍 Cory is a handsome 8 month cross mastiff/ Caucasian Shepherd, he is a large boy who is in need of a active home with large dog experience. Cory is a big beautiful lad, he is still very much a puppy and loves playing and doing zoomies! We really feel Cory would benefit from some basic training classes, please don’t apply if you feel this isn’t something you would be interested in doing. Cory is a large lad and still has growing to do, he really enjoys going out on long walks and is really coming along great on his kumfi Kalmer. He needs a PET FREE home without any children. Are you an active home and are looking for a young large dog with heaps of potential? Then Cory could definitely be the boy for you🏠 In line with our rehoming policy Cory will need a garden/yard with at least 5ft fencing fully enclosed. If you live in rented accommodation please make sure you have landlord permission to hand. Apply below:
Please meet Sorrell, a gorgeous 3yr patterdale boy. Unfortunately Sorrell has been returned into our care through no fault of his own. Sorrell is a typical patterdale, a proper live wire and not for the faint hearted, he would suit a home experienced in the terrier breed and characteristics🐶 Sorrell loves his food and toys, he is an active boy and would suit an active couple who enjoy walks and adventures. Sorrell does not like animals, he can be reactive on the lead at times but does listen to a firm but fair voice. Sorrell needs a home without children under the age of 16yrs. Please apply below:
VIEWING BOOKED Please meet Stormy! Stormy is a 1yr French Bulldog and has come into us through no fault of there own. Stormy is a special case, due to improper breeding Stormy is grouped as an ‘Unclassified’ gender meaning they have no male or female organs. Health wise he is great, he can toilet okay but needs to be kept clean at all times. Stormy loves all people, loves playing and still has a very high quality life! Stormy is great in the house is and is house trained. Stormy loves walkies and adventures just as much as the next dog, he is a bundle of fun. Stormy is choosy around dogs, he does not want to share his home but will walk next to them okay. Stormy could live in a family home with children over the age of 13yrs. If you have a stormy shaped hole in your heart please apply below:
Please meet Bonnie🤍 Bonnie is a beautiful 17 month old small/medium cross breed. This fabulous girl is looking for her forever home, she doesn’t like kennels so we are hoping we can get her settled into a home soon🏠 Bonnie is a shy girl at first, she is looking for a home with patience and time to help her overcome these fears but once she knows you, she is a bundle of fun and energy!! Bonnie is very much an active dog, she loves having a run, doing zoomies in the garden and really enjoys long walks. Bonnie is great in the house but has started chewing, she needs somebody that can offer her training and a proper routine. Bonnie is not a dog for the faint hearted, she needs an experienced dog owner. She is good with other dogs but needs an adult only home. If you have a Bonnie shaped hole in the your heart, apply below:
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