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This is a live feed from our Facebook album named ‘Dogs Needing Homes’ and is updated by of Facebook lady, Tracey. 

The feed updates every 20 minutes from Facebook.  Please note that due to time constraints, there may be some discrepancies of what animals are listed as available as adoptions take place daily.  Please always contact us for the latest updates.

All of these dogs can be viewed for re-homing at Carla Lane Animals in Need Liverpool, 3 Spurriers Lane, Melling, Liverpool. L31 1BA. 0151 549 0959. (This album is kept up to date weekly and most of these dogs have their own album on our ‘Albums’ page).

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Life from a pound dogs eyes....
Hey everybody, Sasha here! I know it’s been a while but I’ve been having some training to calm my anxiety and stress in kennels and whilst out on a walk. I’m doing much better in kennels now, especially with the drops of lavender on my bedding 💕😴🥱 I am walking extremely well on my kumfi calmer, it took a while but we got there in the end and hope that with ongoing training I am ready for my forever home. 🏡 I do need a pet and child free home, I’ve lived a quiet life with not many visitors and although I love people, I would prefer a calm household. I would love a rural or semi rural home as I am still having ongoing training for walking out and about, I don’t like it when there is too much going on. It’s not what I am used too 🥰 Sadly my original owner passed away and I have found my self looking for a home 😢 Someone with experience of English bull terriers would be perfect for me 😍 If you are interested in offering me, or any of the other dogs a place in your heart and home forever please fill out the application below. I love cuddles and belly rubs, lots of treats and toys. I am such a good girl at 💓. Pick me 🌷 Lots of Love, belly rubs and sloppy kisses. Sasha 😘
LONG TERMER OF THE WEEK - PLEASE SHARE♥️ NIKITA HAS BEEN IN AND OUT OF KENNELS FOR 4 YEARS😭 We are absolutely devastated to tell you Nikita is looking for a new home.. As some know Nikita was reserved by a member of staff however do to property issues this can no longer go ahead😢 Nikita has spent over 4 years in and out of kennels, she has never been in a home longer than a couple of months and it’s getting to the point were she is so sad on days that she doesn’t want to go on her walkies.. Nikita is now around 10yrs old, she is a Husky. First things first, Nikita is the biggest diva you will ever meet, she could give Mariah Carey a run for her money🙈 Nikita has such a massive personality, she never fails to make the staff laugh every single day with her demands for food and more toys!! Nikita loves chicken, playing fetch and having cuddles with her teddy bears🧸 Nikita walks amazing on her kumfi Kalmer, however it is a challenge getting her out when it’s raining!! Now Nikita does have some ‘quirks’ Nikita does guard her food and toys. This means when Nikita gets fed she needs to be fed in a separate room, and when she is playing with her teddies she is to be left alone. Nikita is a very affectionate girl but on HER terms, she does not want to be grabbed or hugged as this may cause her to snap. Nikita is brilliant with other dogs when out on a walk, however she isn’t afraid to tell them off when they get a bit out of hand. Nikita does need a PET FREE home due to her guarding issues. Nikita cannot live with children. Nikitas ideal home would be a single person environment. She needs an owner that has experience with these issues and that will be firm yet fair. We will only accept the best home for this girl, she needs time to settle and trust her new owner. She would love nice yard/garden to lounge about in the nice weather🌞 If you think you have a Nikita shaped hole in your heart then please apply below. If you cannot offer Nikita a home then share share share!!!
CURRENTLY IN RESIDENTIAL TRAINING - EXPERIENCED MALE OWNER NEEDED Smokey is a 1yr old Shepherd cross, he is full of beans and fun. Smokey is a young lad, he needs an active home that can take him on walks and adventures. Smokey is house trained, walks well on his kumfi Kalmer and is a firm favourite here at the kennels🐾 Smokey needs an experienced home as he can resource guard, we do recommend some training for this. He is needs a male only home, with experience of dogs with behavioral issues. Smokey needs a home without children and small animals. Please don’t overlook this young fella, he is absolutely amazing and we all love him here! He loves playing with the dogs on the field and we would just love to see him in a comfort of a home🏠
This little lady is Ty, Ty is a 10yr old Jack Russell, she needs a one person home with experience of quirky terriers. Ty has not had a stable start to life, she's been passed around and does now have some trust issues because of this. This pretty lady needs a quiet home, a home that will not expect much from her and let her do her own thing. Ty is very affectionate and loves a cuddle, but this is on her own terms! She does not want to be told what to do, grabbed or picked up. Ty has snapped before, her home must be aware of this and preferably have had a dog like Ty before. Don't be fooled by her age, she can play and walk with the best of them! Ty loves play time, she loves playing with her tennis ball and going on lovely walks around our fields with her buddy. Ty is quite misunderstood, she is a sweet girl but has gone through a lot in her little life and is just not that trusting of people. Ty is house trained, she is not destructive and loves to sleep in her crate and this is her safe space. If you think that you and Ty could have a future together, then please fill out an adoption form for her. Anybody interesting in adopting Ty must live local as several visits will be required to build a relationship up with her.
This beautiful boy needs his new forever home! Nando is 10yrs old, he is a large American bulldog. Nando was originally from Clain many years ago. In his younger days Nando was sadly in and out of kennels before finding his most recent home we’re he become settled for many years with no issues but sadly he needed to come back into us before Christmas through no fault of his own. He needs his next home to be his forever retirement home he deserves it he is spotless in his home and very loyal.😢 Please read Nando’s description throughly before applying. Nando is a firm favourite here, he is such a sweetheart and he finds joy in everything. Nando is a big lad and he can be a bit of a handful when he is over excited, he does listen to a firm voice and this is something that will be needed. Nando is great with other dogs out and about on a walk, unfortunately he does need a pet free home as he likes his food and toys to himself and we don’t want there to be any reason for him to be returned to us again. Nando is an angel to walk, he walks amazing on his Kumfi kalmer, don’t be fooled by his age as he is still a very active lad who loves his walks🐾 We want a 5⭐️ home for Nando, this home needs to be his forever so please don’t apply if you feel you cannot provide this. Nando can live with dog savvy teenagers, as mentioned above Nando can get excited and bouncy so please make sure the teenagers in the home are comfortable with this. If you feel you and Nando are a match made in heaven, please apply below! Nando deserves nothing but love, we can’t wait to see this boy happy again♥️
Please read Rubble’s full description before applying. Rubble is a cute boy but has behavioural issues that need a very experienced home. Rubble is a 4yr old Cockerpoo, he is a very cute lad as you can see but he is not for the faint hearted. Rubble has a lovely side to him, he loves walks and running around the compound playing with his Buddy! Rubble loves his food, his favourite treat is sausages🥰 Rubble does have some behavioural issues and has bitten in the past. Rubble needs a quiet, single person home who has the ability to separate him if they were to have visitors as he does not easily take to strangers. He requires a confident and firm owner, experienced with small dogs with behavioural issues and somebody willing to take him training and hopefully solve some of the issues he has. He needs a home with boundaries and rules, he cannot be allowed on furniture as he will then guard this. Rubble will guard food and toys so we feel it is best that there are no toys laying around his new home. Unfortunately he doesn’t like his paws, back or bum touched due to an old injury at the groomers when younger. Due to this he does not longer like being groomed. Rubble will bark and pull towards most dogs but when walked by staff at the rescue he can be calm and well behaved with some dogs but it does depend on his handler. As we know Rubble has bitten in the past, his home must be adult only, if children visit he is to be put in a separate room. Rubble has a HUGE amount of potential, we know with the right home that he could become a different and much happier dog but sadly this will not happen overnight and a lot of dedication is needed. Please only apply for Rubble if you meet the criteria and are serious about putting a lot of time into helping him become the dog he has the potential to be! Please apply below:
SPECIAL APPEAL FOR MILEY (NOT IN KENNELS) Miley is due to come back in to use next weekend, she was originally from Greece and adopted from us with her friend Louisa back in September but sadly it’s not working out with Miley. Miley has always been the most shy out of the two dogs and she definitely bonds well with women, in her home now there are multiple adults and miley is overwhelmed and worried. We feel her next home needs to be a one person woman only household ideally with no other dogs as she does hide behind other dogs and it takes her longer to trust. Miley is good on a walk but can be worried with passing traffic and strangers passing so she will stop and wait until she feels ready to move on. She is super friendly just scared and will need time to settle and adjust, she is a flight risk so secure garden 6ft fencing or over will be needed. Please complete the online adoption form if you feel you can give miley calm, quiet understanding home she needs ❤️
💥NEW INFO POSTED THANKS TO PREVIOUS OWNER MESSAGING. 💥 Max was found as a stray but sadly unclaimed (his new owner only had him for 3 weeks but couldn’t take max back for various reasons but messaged us with lots of helpful information), as always any dogs sent from us to the wardens we follow them through and the dog wardens will contact us when there time is up and transport them safely to us. Poor Max has previously had 4 homes prior coming to us. He is approximately 3 years old. He is super duper friendly and won’t stay still long enough for a photo! He is on the thinner side so will get extra meals whilst in our care. Max will have further assessments over the next few days, his previous owner has given new information to say he has been dog friendly in the past and has lived with a cat. Max isn’t keen on young children so a home with children over 12 is needed. Max will need a secure garden 6ft or over as he does have a spring in his step! He would suit an adult family with someone home a day to keep him occupied he does suffer with separation anxiety and will need help to overcome this. Anyone wanting to offer Max home please complete an online adoption form below. Please don’t message to enquire.
Our gorgeous Molly is still waiting for her forever home to come along... Molly is a beautiful 12 month old German Shepherd, she is needing an experienced shepherd home without any other pets or children of any age. Molly had a very caring owner with a family with young children but sadly after exhausting all training options and being responsible parents they contacted the vet for further advice but as they didn’t want to put her to sleep there only options were to contact us for help with rehoming. Molly is a typical shepherd, intelligent and very loyal! She is constantly wanting to please and loves a belly rub🥰 Molly is a shy girl, fearful of strangers and does need a confident and experienced handler who will be willing to help her with her anxiety. We feel Molly would definitely benefit from professional training and her new home must have the time and patience into doing so. Molly’s ideal home would be a 1 person household, experienced of shepherds and home most of the day as Molly does suffer from separation anxiety. Molly is crate trained and walks well on a kumfi Kalmer here at the sanctuary🐾 Molly has so much potential to be a fabulous companion for somebody, we just need the right home to come along that is dedicated♥️ If you think you meet all of the above criteria, and you have a molly shaped hole in your heart then please apply below:
Our big gorgeous boy Titan is now ready for his new forever.. Titan is an Asian Shepherd and is only 18 months old, he is a social boy and enjoys attention, he walks well on the lead here at the sanctuary. Titan is easily over excited and mouths/nips playfully, he lacks basic manners and will require a lot of patience and training🐾 Titan is a very handsome chap, as I’m sure you will agree! He loves food more than anything, he is such a good boy in his kennel and has never ever dirtied which gives us a good insight that he will be clean in his new home. Titan is a very large boy, he can be quite over powering so needs a firm owner with boundaries and willing to train him otherwise he could become more difficult the older he gets. Titan will require a home with experience of his breed or similar, he has a lot of traits classic of his breed so needs somebody understanding of this. He does require a home with no children due to his sheer size and boisterousness and cannot live with other dogs. Please do not apply for Titan if you are inexperienced of his breed or similar, he is not for the faint hearted and requires a special kind of home. If you think you do match this lovely lads needs then please apply below:
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