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This is a live feed from our Facebook album named ‘Dogs Needing Homes’ and is updated by of Facebook lady, Tracey. 

The feed updates every 20 minutes from Facebook.  Please note that due to time constraints, there may be some discrepancies of what animals are listed as available as adoptions take place daily.  Please always contact us for the latest updates.

All of these dogs can be viewed for re-homing at Carla Lane Animals in Need Liverpool, 3 Spurriers Lane, Melling, Liverpool. L31 1BA. 0151 549 0959. (This album is kept up to date weekly and most of these dogs have their own album on our ‘Albums’ page).

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Scooby is still waiting :-(
Jack is still waiitng :-(
NO negative comments please. Phoebe's owners have done everything we could possibly have asked them to do to settle Phoebe in to their home. We have no criticism of them and respectfully ask you only to comment if you can offer Phoebe a home. She is 4 years old. She will be back with us on Thursday 6th September.
Our beautiful Phoebe. It’s with the heaviest of hearts that we are returning Phoebe to the Sanctuary. She is our world, and if we could keep her forever then we would. But she doesn’t like guests in our home and being a young couple with family and friends visiting regularly we just can’t practically keep her. It must make her feel scared when people come round and since she’s gained confidence in the home, her fear shows itself in displays of aggression towards visitors. This isn’t fair on her when people visit regularly. She needs a family that don’t have visitors very often, who can make her feel safe and secure. She has made so much progress outside the house that perhaps in the future her fear aggression in the house could subside. She’s also worked with a behaviourist who is confident that in time she could learn to be calmer when guests visit. We wish we could dedicate months/years to this training but given our lifestyle and future plans as a young family, we just don’t have the opportunity to do so. As you’ll see from the pictures, Phoebe is so loving and affectionate to those she loves and trusts. She has such a funny personality and adores a tummy rub more than anything! She was a Romanian rescue living in kennels for 2 years before coming to the UK and meeting us; she has waited a long time to have her tummy rubbed and she deserves nothing more than a quieter home where she can get them endlessly without fear of people coming in and out. She is house trained and can be left in the daytime without chewing anything or becoming distressed. She loves a squeaky toy and can also sit, give her paw and lie down for treats (we taught her this so it shows that she is capable of learning!). Our behaviourist has written reports which will be provided to the Sanctuary and he is also happy to aid in the rehoming process. Please, if you can give Phoebe the forever home that she needs, with a quieter lifestyle (and pet free), please give her a chance. My heart breaks to write this but I know she could be happier with another family and that’s all we want for her.
Scooby has come back in. He needs an adult only home, with someone home most of the day.
Handsome Scooby is a 7 year old Jack Russell cross, he's larger than a Jack Russell but that just means he has even more love to give! 
Scooby had a sad past and until a few days ago lived his life confined to a yard. He knows what it's like to go hungry and is currently receiving extra meals as well as extra care. Scooby felt very worried when he first arrived with us but he's been busy learning he doesn't have to be afraid. Although sudden movements and new experiences can still frighten him, his personality is gradually coming out and we've found that once he knows he can trust you he loves nothing more than gentle belly rubs! This gorgeous boy needs a loving adult only forever home where he can be the only pet so he knows he's safe for life. Our lovely Scooby loves company and is crying out for a family of his own, it's making us so sad to see him in his kennel when he loves his human friends - could you be the one to make his dreams of companionship finally come true?
How much is that doggie in the window...! 

Of course our gorgeous Oscar is priceless! The cost is simply love, patience and commitment - but you will be repaid many times over.

Oscar is a typical wiggly-bum staffie who's been waiting way too long for his chance at happiness. This boy misses his home comforts and is just crying out for some company and attention, it really does break our hearts to know he waits alone day after day. Oscar needs an experienced adult owner with a pet and child free home, someone who will give this lovely boy the security and love he craves and show him he never has to worry again. Please contact us if you think you could be Oscar's perfect match, we know his forever home is out there somewhere!
Life from a pound dogs eyes....
My name is Harry, although really I look like more of a 'Scruffy'. The photo lady said she had never seen a dog that looked like me before. I look a bit like a Norfolk/Norwich terrier but double the size! I am a medium sized dog (as you can see on my new photos). I have a comical and adorable face! No one has any idea what breed I am. I was just left tied up outside Asda and no one claimed me. It's a tough life being a dog sometimes. I can be boisterous and dominant and would benefit from an active home with owners who are experienced with dogs like me, who would like a bit of training. I have an issue with vets! Any veterinary treatment I need is to be undertaken at The Sanctuary. I love other dogs but I can be possessive over toys and sticks etc so I need an adult only home as I can be dominant at first but once I know you I am really lovely, so I would like a firm but kind owner. Having said this, I was an angel for the photo lady and took my treats gently and sat down for her. I just need to know who is boss and then I think I will make an adorable companion for someone. The photo lady said I am very handsome and have lovely eyes. I love playing and cuddles. I am about 2 years old. Please come and see me. Love Harry xx
Poor Inka has had no luck with finding her forever home, she is a very large kangal shepherd only 1 year old. Sadly she has had a couple of homes in her short life which  didn’t  work out. The staff adore Inka and find her a dream to walk on the lead. Her main issues are in a home environment, she is very loyal to one owner and is very protective of her owner and home. She needs her own area or room we’re she can sleep of a night. Anyone interested in adopting Inka will need to research the breed and have knowledge of large dogs. She needs a home with no children and no pets. If you live alone and are looking for a loyal companion Inka could be the one for you ❤️ Inka has lost weight in kennels due to stress. She has fresh  food cooked daily for her but most days she turns her nose up, in a home she is a fantastic eater it’s sad to see her anxious in kennels. She loves the staff and playing with her toys as you see below but it’s not the same as a home 🐾
Ty enjoying play time at the boarding kennels today whilst he awaits his forever home.. ty is a young boy, a mastif/staffie crossbreed he is a big bundle of fun with a great personality, the staff have no issues with him at the kennels but in a home he can become dominant so would suit an owner with experience with Bullbreeds or larger dogs, he needs some guidelines on how to behave when excited. Ty is a playful boy and knows his basic commands. If you have an adult home get in touch on 01515490959 or fill in an online application. ❤️
Arrange to meet me.. my name is pheobe I need a special home, I’m 4 years young. I love being brushed by my buddy’s, I am defiantly Samoyed cross and need grooming regular. I love to bond with one person and  I really want an adult home with no pets. I know all my tricks and I’m super good in the house. Why has no one picked me.. am I forgotten about because I’m at the boarding kennels.. call 5490959 if you think you have a suitable home for me. I love my buddy’s but I want to go home.. ❤️

Lovely young Seb came to us last year having been rescued from Romania. He was homed for a short while but has now come back to us to find his forever home. He has come on incredibly well since his return to our care and is becoming more confident, but he really needs an experienced understanding home to help him continue to move forward. Although Seb can be vocal when first meeting people, deep down he is a very loving boy who really values his friendships with the people he trusts. Whilst he can be nervous, he also has a very playful giddy side as you can see in these pictures taken while he’s having fun with his boarding buddy! He is not happy in kennels as he feels quite stressed and is reactive to the noise of the other dogs, so we are now looking for a long term foster or forever home for him, with a person or adult family used to dealing with nervous dogs and/or foreign dogs. 

Seb needs to continue his lead training as he can sometimes feel anxious when wearing a lead, but he very much enjoys his walks and loves to sniff and explore. He would love a home where he can build on the progress he has made with us, and grow in confidence. Seb has lived with dogs in the past but he does not appear to want to live with a dog now. He was very friendly with a cat in his last home and would like a quiet household, with no children and minimal visitors, while he settles into his new routine and finds his feet.
Oh Pheobe we just love you! We think she is half Samoyed half sheep! She is a big fluffy lady. Poor Pheobe has been waiting so long for her forever home. Once she knows you she is very loyal and a friend for life, she is protective of her owners  so someone with experience of reactive dogs would be best. She is walking better on her head collar and is perfect in a home very clean and well behaved. If you have no pets and have an adult experienced home call us on 5490959 or send us a message. Pheobe is desperate for a home ❤️
Hattie is a 3yr old GSD/Mastiff we think. She is a bouncy but playful dog. She is great with other dogs out walking and loves being off the lead playing and she will come back on command. She sits and waits for her dinner and treats and loves her comfort and snuggles. She does however need more training on the lead when walking. She can become stressed if she's behind a closed door for long as she has the run of the house now. She does get anxious when left alone but she settles with stuffed Kongs and things to keep her entertained. Hattie is a young, healthy, beautiful, affectionate girl. She won't be with us for long. She needs a pet free home as can be jealous of another dog in the home. Please ring us if you are interested in meeting her 0151 549 0959 or complete our online adoption form:https://carlalaneanimalsinneed.co.uk/adoption-questionnaire/
Beautiful belle is back with us looking for her forever home, she is now 11 months old and a large mastiff crossbreed. She is very friendly but can become dominant in her home, she would suit an adult home with knowledgeable people who have owned a large dog before. She is great with dogs and enjoys playing in the park. She is very strong on her lead but is now walking much better on a head collar. This poor girl has not had much training and really does need some rules and stability in her life, she will need someone home for most of the day. ❤️🐾❤️
Poor Paddy was adopted 2 years ago and is back with us for rehoming, his owner was very upset to return him so no negative comments please. Paddy is very prey driven when out on walks and has got worse over the last few months pulling his owner over. Paddy will need a home with experience of the breed and someone who can work with this lead issue. When walking in quiet areas paddy is a dream! He is perfect in the house, house trained, doesn’t chew and can be left alone a few hours at a time. He is great with all people but does need an adult home. Paddy knows all his basic commands and is very well trained. We really hope he doesn’t spend long in kennels. 🐾🐾
My name is Nikita and I feel a bit hopeless actually as if young Patsy can't get a home, what chance do I stand? Sean, my buddy took this lovely photo of me yesterday. He loves me, but how do I get someone else to love me? I spent a long period in police kennels. The behavioural expert who assessed me stated, ‘Once settled she is playful and sociable just not very brave". I am 9 yrs old and have been a much loved family pet, however, due to an incident that was not my fault, the court decided I should not be returned to my home and my owner agreed to sign me over to the Sanctuary for rehoming.
I have been through a lot and now need a calm kind home without children or other pets, where I can regain my confidence. Can someone with knowledge of my breed please give me a chance, I really feel I deserve it. I do need someone home most of the day.
If you would like to meet me I am currently at our boarding kennels so please ring 0151 549 0959 to arrange to see me. I'd love a visitor. Love and Licks. Nikita xx
This is Sooty. He is still with his owner. He is a friendly boy originally rescued from Egypt at 6 months old. He would like an adult home with no small furries! Owner feels a home with no other dogs would be best for him, although he does currently live with a female Rottweiler. He can jump 6ft fence ignores dogs off lead but reactive to other dogs when on a lead. He is strong on the lead so needs a capable owner. He is a GSD/Saluki/Retriever cross! He is now about 6 years old. If you might be interested in meeting him please telephone us on 0151 549 0959
Everyone meet Marley, he is a 3 year old husky. He is quite small for the breed. 
He’s good with other dogs. 
Although he has lived with children He is a little shy at the moment so he needs a home with out young children living there. 
If you can offer him a home please call the rescue on 01515490959
Missy is a beautiful  gentle, loyal girl. She is 8 years old. She loves to snuggle and cuddle on the sofa and give and receive lots of affectionate kisses. Missy enjoys her toys, she loves rope and fabric toys and always brings back a stick from walks to chew in the garden. She helps in the garden when your pruning and tidying bushes and loves sunbathing. Missy is very sociable with people but not other dogs, so needs to have her human to herself with no other pets around. She likes the security and safety she feels in her cage when you are away but finds it stressful if she is in it for too long in the day. She is house trained and walks great on the lead. Loves her treats and especially honey roast ham on top of her dried food. 
Missy loves rides in the boot of the car and showers from a watering can in the garden. She is an active dog that loves running round the garden so a large garden would suit her best with lots to do and occupy her .
It is with great sadness that I am having to find a new home for Missy, but my work commitments have had to change and it is not fair on Missy to be caged for 7/8 hours in the day. Please find it in your heart to home and love this beautiful soul called Missy. X
If you would like to adopt Missy please complete this online adoption form: https://carlalaneanimalsinneed.co.uk/adoption-questionnaire/
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