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Our Dogs

This is a live feed from our Facebook album named ‘Dogs Needing Homes’ and is updated by of Facebook lady, Tracey. 

The feed updates every 20 minutes from Facebook.  Please note that due to time constraints, there may be some discrepancies of what animals are listed as available as adoptions take place daily.  Please always contact us for the latest updates.

All of these dogs can be viewed for re-homing at Carla Lane Animals in Need Liverpool, 3 Spurriers Lane, Melling, Liverpool. L31 1BA. 0151 549 0959. (This album is kept up to date weekly and most of these dogs have their own album on our ‘Albums’ page).

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Life from a pound dogs eyes....
Ty has a possible home. This little lady is Ty, Ty is a 10yr old Jack Russell, she needs a one person home with experience of quirky terriers. Ty has not had a stable start to life, she's been passed around and does now have some trust issues because of this. This pretty lady needs a quiet home, a home that will not expect much from her and let her do her own thing. Ty is very affectionate and loves a cuddle, but this is on her own terms! She does not want to be told what to do, grabbed or picked up. Ty has snapped before, her home must be aware of this and preferably have had a dog like Ty before. Don't be fooled by her age, she can play and walk with the best of them! Ty loves play time, she loves playing with her tennis ball and going on lovely walks around our fields with her buddy. Ty is quite misunderstood, she is a sweet girl but has gone through a lot in her little life and is just not that trusting of people. Ty is house trained, she is not destructive and loves to sleep in her crate and this is her safe space. If you think that you and Ty could have a future together, then please fill out an adoption form for her. Anybody interesting in adopting Ty must live local as several visits will be required to build a relationship up with her.
Could you be tiggers happily ever after? Tigger is looking for his fairytale ending, he is a very handsome 4/5yr old German Shepherd. Whoever is lucky enough to adopt tigger will have a loyal companion for life, once he knows you he is your best friend and you will be sure to find him by your side always. Tigger is perfect in the home, he is such a well mannered boy. Tigger is crate trained, house trained, he does not chew and can be left for a few hours. Tigger is extremely intelligent, he loves to be kept busy. Tigger has had an unimaginable start to life, one that you would never wish on a dog. Tigger was locked in a shed his whole puppy hood, without that much needed socialisation as well as an infected ear which had to be amputated due to it being infested with maggots. As you can imagine, Tigger is not very trusting of new people and any potential home would need to come and meet him a few times to build up a relationship with him🐾 Due to the lack of proper socialisation, Tigger is quite reactive on a walk around other dogs and for this reason he will need a very physically capable owner who is willing to work with our trainer and help bring out the potential in Tigger♥️ Because of Tiggers start to life and lack of exercise he unfortunately does suffer from some slight hip dysplasia. It is fully controlled by medication which we will continue providing to his future home. He is still an active boy and does not really effect him right now. Tigger needs a quiet household, without many visitors - he would have to be put in a separate room when people visited your home. He cannot live with any other pets or any children. Please think long and hard before applying for Tigger he needs that truly special home, somebody who will be dedicated to moulding Tigger into the dog we know he can be♥️
This is Perry, he is a sweet, sensitive 5-6 year old crossbreed. He is a quiet lad, loves his peace and quiet. He can be sensitive at times, especially around loud noises, he is best to be given space and allowed to overcome this in his own time. He is a lovely, friendly boy and is a firm favourite with the volunteers at the sanctuary. He enjoys his walks and walks very well on a harness. Perry loves his toys and will give his paw for a tasty treat. Perry needs a pet and child free home, a peaceful retirement home would be best. If you are interested in adopting Perry please fill out the application form below with as much information as possible
💙🐾 Marley 💙🐾 Our very handsome boy Marley is still looking for his forever home. Marley has been with us for over a year, he has had his fair share of homes initially having issues with resource guarding. We enrolled Marley onto a residential training program in which he did absolutely fantastic and improved greatly. We found what we thought was Marleys forever home, but unfortunately due to attachment to his owners and being in a home at long last, Marley developed some separation anxiety and attached himself to his female owner. This caused difficulty within the household and unfortunately Marley had to be returned to us. We feel Marley’s ideal home would be an active female owner, with experience in challenging dogs, who is willing to work with our trainer to continue the training program. Unfortunately Marley cannot live with other pets or children. Marley is very much a strong character, he loves to run and play, a garden would be perfect for him. He walks well on the lead, he is good with other dogs. He is great with people when out and about but can have some issues with strangers inside the home, however he is crate trained and loves his crate so will happily take himself to his crate when visitors arrive or he can be introduced to them and can he easily won over with a tasty treat. Marley really deserves his forever home, he is still such a young boy, with lots of potential and love to give. If you meet the criteria required and would like to apply to adopt Marley please fill out the application below with as much information as possible.
PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE APPLYING 💖💖💖 We are now taking applications for our beautiful Billie, she is a staff cross aged 2. She was originally from Spain and we managed to offer her a space of safety and a lifetime of support 🥰 Billie is not for the faint hearted, she is a huge character, full of life and love ❤️ She is currently enrolled onto a residential training program where she is doing amazingly well and demonstrating her heaps of potential. Billie is very impulsive, she has lots of drive and energy and needs a very active home willing to maintain and further her training. She walks very well on the lead, she is good with dogs out on walks and is crate trained. Once she knows you she is so affectionate and loves to be close to you. She has previously had issues with some strangers on occasion and resource based issues however she has been great with everyone during her program. Billie cannot live with children or other dogs, but will mix with other dogs whilst on walks. She needs an experienced bull breed home, with an interest in training and very active. Billie has A LOT of energy so please only apply if you can keep up with her 🤣💖 If you are interested in rehoming Billie please fill out the application form below.
The long awaited moment you have all been waiting for, our special boy Cuddly Dudley is now open to applications for rehoming! 💙 This is a very special moment for us, as I’m sure it is our supporters, as Dudley was very badly malnourished and neglected on his arrival with us back in March. Since then Dudley has been given lots of TLC and has been nursed to full health. Dudley is a fun loving boy, he absolutely loves toys and will often choose a toy over a treat which is madness considering this lad spent his previous days starving. He does love food though and plenty of cuddles and kisses with his friends at the sanctuary. Dudley is clean in his kennel with the option to go outside in his run, which is a great improvement since he arrived, as we think he had previously been left in a yard without food, water or shelter and had no concept of ‘cleanliness’. He enjoys his raised bed and more often than not his blankets are made into a little nest surrounded by toys. Dudley had issues with strangers on arrival, which isn’t surprising as it seems he had no positive interaction and had lost all faith in humans, now Dudley is great with everyone at the sanctuary and has even met a few ‘outsiders’. Dudley can react and bark on occasion to things out of the ordinary, eg high vis jackets or delivery drivers, but he is becoming more and more accustomed to the unknown everyday and we feel he has improved massively. Dudley is reactive to dogs, again due to lack of socialisation and is very strong on the lead. He is currently undergoing some lead training which we will explain thoroughly to any potentially adopters, in order to maintain and continue to further his training. He is such a special, friendly boy. He has now gained over 11kg since arriving with us, he has been neutered and has had the haematoma on his ear examined by our vets who have said he will have no complications from it and it is now a hard lump. We are searching for a mastiff/bullbreed experienced home for Dudley, preferably with experience of reactivity in dogs and training. He needs a strong capable owner, ideally in a quieter area where he can grow further in confidence and socialise slowly. Dudley cannot be rehomed with children or other dogs. If you would like to offer Dudley the perfect home, please fill out the application form below as thoroughly as possible.
Please read the description fully before applying🐾 This gorgeous chap is Louis, he is a 4yr old Lab. Louis is your typical younger lab, he has bounds of energy and is just full of fun! Louis hasn’t had much basic training, he does lack some manners and needs a home willing to put time into training! We are looking for a physically capable home who have a very active lifestyle as Louis is full of energy to burn🐾 Louis could possibly live with a female dog but needs a home without children as due to his high energy he could knock them over. If you think you have the right home waiting for this handsome lad, please apply below:
This lovely lad is Oscar, he is a 5 year old husky. Oscar is both people, dog and child friendly. His owner has had to make the very difficult decision to rehome him following an accident which resulted in Oscar having a torn ligament in his leg, his owner has paid for a special brace for his leg to aid his recovery for £900 as advised by the vet, an operation is not necessary and could result in more damage. Unfortunately Oscar has to have somebody home all day to care for him since having to wear the brace and his owner has ongoing work commitments he is unable to get out of, he has also recently had a relationship breakdown and is suffering from anxiety himself. He feels it is best for Oscar to find a new home that can give him the care and attention he needs. This is a very difficult and heartbreaking decision for his owner NO negative comments please. We are searching for the perfect home for this lad. We are looking for an adult only home due to the injury to his leg. Oscar truly is a gentle, loving and loyal boy. If you would like to apply to rehome Oscar please fill in the application form below to be considered.
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