23/6/2019 – 18:47
#062301 – report that a form is not working correct via a phone.  We have not identified any fault and awaiting further information to help identify a fault. The report suggests that after filling in and submitting a form it just reappears.  If anyone has anything to add on this fault, please send details via our problem reporting form


14/03/2019 – 15:41
#031401 – Changes implemented and tested.   If you do not get a response from the adoption questionnaire, please report this via our problem reporting form

14/03/2019 – 15:20
#031401 – report that some adoption forms are not reaching our sanctuary.  The possible fault has been identified and a solution is being implemented.  I will post an update when it has been completed.


13/3/2019 – 19:18
#031301 -Reported error of adoption questionnaire resolved.  Thank you for reporting.

13/3/2019 – 18:42
#031301 – Report of the adoption questionnaire web form failure with an error “failed to send due to \Invalid address: (setFrom) Adoption Questionnaire true\”