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Carla Lane Animals in Need

Boarding Cattery

3 Spurriers Lane, Melling, Liverpool, L31 1BA.  Tel: 0151 549 0959


Boarding Cattery

Opening in April 2024, our brand new, fully licensed boarding area is the perfect place for your feline friends to stay. We have a total of seven luxury pens, built to the highest standards. Six of them can comfortably accommodate one or two cats from the same household, while the largest ‘penthouse suite’ has space for up to four cats from the same household.

You’ll enjoy peace of mind on your holidays, knowing your pets are receiving the best of care from our greatly experienced cattery staff. You’ll also be doing a good deed, since 100% of the funds gained from our boarding area go to help the rescue, and the cats who aren’t lucky enough to have a loving home to return to.

Each pen has a cosy sleeping area, with both underfloor and overhead heating panels. A cat flap leads them into an individual exercise run, which is secure and weatherproof, where they can enjoy some fresh air and listen to the birdsong in our beautiful countryside setting.

Our prices are £14 per night for a single cat, £24 per night for two cats sharing a pen, £30 per night for three cats sharing the penthouse pen, and £40 for four cats sharing the penthouse. If your cat was adopted from us, you will receive a discounted rate, so make sure to let us know if that’s the case. A 10% deposit of the total boarding price is required, upon making a booking, with the remainder to be paid when you bring your cat(s) here for their stay.

Please check through our boarding contract here, to make sure you’re happy with the terms before booking. All cats staying with us must be fully vaccinated, and proof must be shown of this. Cats over six months must be neutered, unless there’s a medical reason they cannot be done. This is in keeping with our ethos as a rescue, and encouraging responsible neutering for all pets.

Arrivals will be arranged for afternoons, usually between 3-4pm, and collections for mornings between 10-11am. If you’re due to leave for your holiday in the morning, we would recommend booking a cattery place starting the night before.

For further information, or to inquire about bookings, we have a separate email address at clain.boarding.cattery at

Viewings of the boarding area are available on request, by appointment only.