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Carla Lane Animals in Need

Adoption Questionnaire

3 Spurriers Lane, Melling, Liverpool, L31 1BA.  Tel: 0151 549 0959


Adoption Questionnaire Please read the following cost of ownership

The cost of owning a pet includes many things not just food.

Boarding Kennels & catteries cost around £22 per night and require that your pets vaccinations are up to date.

Are YOU prepared to pay vet bills when required or if you are unwaged and on certain benefits with help from the PDSA.

Remember Vet consultations can be around £35 and that’s before the cost of the medication is added on.

Pets can live a long time i.e. Dogs and Cats can live for over 15 years and Rabbits up to 9 years.

Either the name of a specific animal you have seen, or a general type e.g. 'small dogs', 'indoor cats', 'staffies', 'kittens up to six months old'.
Please tick those you are unable to manage
If you live in rented accommodation, we need sight of your landlord's permission to own a pet. We cannot make an appointment to view animals without this, so if you don't already have it, make sure to contact them as soon as possible.
(Some of our animals have had hard pasts and may have never lived in a home before, everybody in the household must be committed to letting them settle in for several weeks)