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Carla Lane Animals in Need

Cost of Adoption

3 Spurriers Lane, Melling, Liverpool, L31 1BA.  Tel: 0151 549 0959


Cost of Adoption

We try to balance covering our costs with charging an affordable and reasonable amount. This fee includes neutering, vaccinations, flea and worm treatments, microchipping, an identity disc for dogs, a veterinary health check, and one month’s free pet insurance with Petplan.

The adoption fee for an adult cat is usually £125, and kittens are £150 upwards. Some may be less, particularly if they are elderly or have health issues, and some fancy breeds may be more. This variable pricing system allows us to balance our expenses, and still help some of the needier animals who are less easy to home.

The cost of a dog usually varies depending on the age and health of the dog. Mostly the dogs are £250 -£450.

Please note that we do not rehome dogs with children under 12. If you have had experience with dogs, and want to adopt a dog we have a known history on, we may consider an adoption with an under 12 year old. Most rescue centres have similar policies, though some have lower age limits.

We are always quite happy if people would like to make to donation on top!

You may wonder why we charge fees when you rehome one of our animals, so we felt it may be important to let everyone know the average cost of a dog and cat coming through our care.

It costs £80 to neuter a male rabbit and £17.50 for vaccinations which is £97.50 without any other costs and we charge £35 for a rabbit (£65 for a pair). Some of our rabbits have waited 2 years for a home as it is, imagine the response if we suggested charging £100 for a rabbit!

This total does NOT include additional vet bills for anything that may be wrong with them, or costs of staff to look offer them. Electricity, gas, water rates, telephones, insurance, cleaning materials, costs of maintaining our vans, or general maintenance of the sanctuary – just to name the obvious costs. So unless an animal comes in and out the same day, and is fully vaccinated and neutered, we never make a ‘profit’ on any of our rehomings. However, to charge more would slow our rehomings down even further and defeat the purpose of our existence.

This is why we rely so heavily on the generosity of our fabulous supporters.