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Carla Lane Animals in Need

About us

3 Spurriers Lane, Melling, Liverpool, L31 1BA.  Tel: 0151 549 0959


Our Story

We are Carla Lane Animals in Need, a Liverpool-based rescue established over 30 years ago. Originally just ‘Animals in Need’, we then received patronage from the late Carla Lane. We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs, cats, and rabbits.

We promote responsible pet ownership, alongside vaccinating, microchipping and neutering all of our animals. We have a no destruction policy, meaning that animals stay with us for however long it takes to match them with a suitable home, there is no time limit. Many of our dogs are from pounds, where they have served 7 days as an unclaimed stray, and are now due to be destroyed. Our farmyard also takes in ex-battery hens who would otherwise be killed.

We love bull breeds, and are firmly anti-BSL. We encourage dog lovers to give a rescue bullie a chance!


The majority of our dogs are unable to be rehomed with children under 12. The age limit for cats is usually lower, depending on the individual, but as a rule we cannot rehome any animals with children under 5. Many animals come to us as strays with unknown history, or may have been surrendered due to issues with children in their previous home. Young children may not understand how to read an animal’s body language, or how to respect the necessary boundaries, and we have to be very cautious in this regard, for the sake of all involved.

We assess each of our dogs, and give them a colour code based upon the results of the assessment. Our colour codes are green, amber, and red. Green dogs have shown no abnormalities. Amber dogs have slight abnormalities, and red dogs have severe abnormalities and are not currently up for adoption. They will have intense training and socialization plans, until they can be reassessed and downgraded.

Each dog that leaves the sanctuary has individual recommendations based upon the assessment, and based upon the new owners family unit and circumstances.

We do not rehome rabbits or guinea pigs as single animals. They must either go out as a pair, or one may be adopted as a companion for an existing animal in the house. We do on-site bonding sessions for rabbits, to facilitate this. Rabbits and guinea pigs must have suitable accommodation with space to exercise and perform natural behaviours, not be confined to a small hutch or cage.