The Five Most Rewarding Things About Rescuing An Animal

We are a nation of animal lovers, from dogs and cats to rabbits and hamsters; we just can’t get enough of those furry bundles of joy that really make a house a home. However, unfortunately, the overpopulation of animals continues which means that places like Carla Lane are consistently at max capacity with animals that desperately want a loving home.

We have been doing this job for nearly 30 years now, and it never fails to amaze us when incredible animals are overlooked just because of where they are. So we wanted to share five of our favourite things about adopting a rescue animal, and ultimately how rewarding it can be for you as a pet owner.

#1 You Aren’t Just Saving One Life, But Two!

There are hundreds of animal shelters and rescue centres across the UK alone, all of which struggle with the level of demand put on them to find homes for thousands of animals. At Carla Lane, we are almost consistently at max capacity, which sadly means that we often have to turn animals down who really need our help.

We always have to put the needs of our pets first, so if we haven’t got the space to accommodate for a new animal then sadly we have to say no, which is heart-breaking for us and is something that never gets easier. As a charity, we promote each and every animal under our care across a range of platforms in the hopes that a loving person will come and take them home, not only rescuing that animal but also saving another that can take its place with us at the centre.

Many of those who are looking at adopting an animal don’t realise just how much of a positive impact they are having on not only the animals involved but also the charity as a whole! We love to explain to those who come to collect their new best friends just how amazing they have been for choosing to adopt a rescue animal. They are giving a whole new opportunity to another animal in need, and it is truly one of the most rewarding feelings of all.

#2 You Get To Choose A Pet That Will Suit Your Situation

One of the most common reasons for why an animal ends up in rescue centres like ours is because they have grown up, grown a personality and become too much for the owners to deal with. This is so often the case, but unfortunately, it is a reality associated with buying a young animal such as a puppy or kitten.

Whether you are starting a family, have become suddenly unwell or have to move home, there are so many reasons why a particular animal may no longer be best placed with you. However, when it comes to adopting, these things can all be taken into consideration as we help you look at those animals that would be the perfect match for your lifestyle.

Although we do have some rules in place when it comes to our rehoming policy, we will always look to find the right animal for you and your home so that you can provide a forever life for yourselves together with minimum disruption.

Ultimately, by adopting a rescue animal you are taking out the guesswork by talking with the staff and finding out more about their background, likes and dislikes, and ultimately whether you could provide the best home for them.

#3 Watching Your Pet Come Into Their Own

We spend a lot of time with the animals in our care, despite our best efforts shelters are rarely enjoyable for these animals and we want to try and make them feel as loved and safe as possible whilst they’re with us. However, despite the tireless work of the team here, nothing can compare to the feeling of being in your own place so we rarely see the animals transform into their real selves.

Don’t get us wrong, we get a very good idea of our animal’s personalities over the time they’re with us, but rescue centres are scary places for animals, especially if they’ve had a rough time of it before coming to us. This can often lead to withdrawn behaviour in some animals and means they aren’t enjoying or living life to the full potential.

When you choose to take home a rescue animal, they are likely to continue in a similar introverted manner at first. However, let us tell you that there is no greater feeling than seeing your pet starting to grow in confidence, come out of its shell and explore its new home!

This is one of the main reasons we ask for photo and video updates of the pets that have left us; we simply LOVE to see them strutting about their new kingdoms with ultimate confidence! The love that a rescue animal can be capable of once it is comfortable is truly incredible, and in and of itself one of the best rewards you could hope for from rehoming.

#4 Help Fight Against Animal Overpopulation

With thousands of animals being homeless every year it will come as no surprise to you that animal overpopulation is a real and serious issue we are facing. Dogs and cats especially are often used for breeding and sold for profit to unassuming and loving individuals looking to add a puppy or kitten to their family. The sad truth is that overbred animals won’t always find a good home to go to, and often will be homeless and exposed to dangers.

We know the temptation of buying a tiny baby animal can be sometimes almost impossible to refuse, but by adopting an animal from a shelter you are helping prevent further overpopulation. All of our animals are either spayed or neutered to try and keep unnecessary numbers down, and in the same way, all shelters do the same for their animals.

If you opt for an adopted pet, you can be safe in the knowledge that they have been checked over and are safe to go roaming freely without the risk of any potential babies on the way! It is often safer for your pet, and it helps fight against homeless animals as a result of overbreeding.

#5 You Support Your Local Animal Charity To Continue

Everything that we have done for the past 40 years, and will continue to do is for the good of the animals in our care. We love our job, but it isn’t an easy one and every day we face new financial struggles.

Any pet owner will know that their fur-babies don’t come cheap, and we have dozens to tend to, which can get pretty expensive! Every month we spend between £7-8,000 on necessary vet bills, approximately £1100 on food and a further £200 on toys and bedding to keep our animals safe, secure and healthy during their stay. We are very lucky that we receive so many donations of toys and bedding, which helps us to keep this cost down massively.

Put simply, without the support of animal lovers and those who adopt their pets from us, we wouldn’t be able to run the service we do now. We rescue animals from foreign countries, take in farm animals and continue to raise much-needed awareness because of our supporters and those who are pro-adoption.

The support we receive is not only massively rewarding for us, but also for those who adopt from us. The sense of community and family that we have built over the years is incredible and continues to grow every day!

What You Can Do . . .

If you are on the hunt for a furry addition to your home, whether it is a dog, cat or chicken – why not pay us a visit? We open every day, and we are always more than happy to take visitors on a whistle-stop tour of our centre and introduce you to the many faces waiting to be taken home, so pop in and see us!