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This is a live feed from our Facebook album named ‘Dogs Needing Homes’ and is updated by of Facebook lady, Tracey. 

The feed updates every 20 minutes from Facebook.  Please note that due to time constraints, there may be some discrepancies of what animals are listed as available as adoptions take place daily.  Please always contact us for the latest updates.

All of these dogs can be viewed for re-homing at Carla Lane Animals in Need Liverpool, 3 Spurriers Lane, Melling, Liverpool. L31 1BA. 0151 549 0959. (This album is kept up to date weekly and most of these dogs have their own album on our ‘Albums’ page).

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My name is Ruby. I am an 11 month old Staffie.  I am not having much luck at all. I am super friendly but can be skittish at first, I don’t want to live with other dogs or children. I love my walks and playing ball and would suit a strong owner with plenty of time to train and socialise me. I just need a chance and time to settle down in a new home. ❤️
Please come and see me. Love Ruby xxx
Curro arrived from Spain last month having had an extremely hard start to life. He is a 3 1/2 year old Labrador cross. He is not yet back at the Sanctuary as we are completely full.  If you would like to meet him please ring us to arrange a meeting on 0151 549 0959...
Curro is an adorable boy around the home. He is loving, loyal and so much fun. He has bags of energy and loves to play ball and chase. He likes nothing better than to be stroked and to have a fuss made of him. 
He is really settled in the home and in a beautiful routine. He is clean and extremely happy. 
However, Curro does have issues with other dogs when out walking. He is suffering from anxiety when around them which leads to lead aggression if he gets too close. He is a very strong boy and requires strength to handle him. 
He is also wary of children and needs a home with no children. 
Curro has so much love to give and will be the perfect pet once he overcomes his anxieties. He requires a home with an owner who has the time to work with him to overcome this. PLEASE consider Curro, he really deserves a happy ending.
This is Bruce he is 3-5 years old. 
We are helping to promote him for Liverpool council. He is not at our rescue and viewings will be by appointment only so please contact the rescue or complete an application on our website. 
He has a friendly temperament and loves going for walks. 
We will be doing an assessment of him shortly and update his profile.
Duke is a handsome 3-4 year old husky he is originally from us but is now looking for a new forever home as he doesn’t want to live with the young baby in the home. Duke is a friendly happy boy, he loves long walks and would suit an active family. He has lived with another dog. He could live with children 12 years plus. If you would  like to register an interest in duke fill in an online application or call rescue on 01515490959 🐾
🐾AGE- 10 years
🐾BREED- staffie 

❤️Poor Marley has not had any visitors today, it’s been very hectic at the rescue but Everyone wants Rudi the french bulldog! Marley was amazing in his previous home, house trained and  could be left alone for a few hours at a time. He is so stressed in his kennel that he doesn’t show himself well when meeting new people, he cry’s constantly and randomly barks on his walks. This is purely stress related and the longer he waits for his forever home the more stressed  he will become. He is a fit and healthy boy, enjoys long walks and sitting on your lap. Keep sharing his posts, we need to see him adopted soon. Marley needs a pet free home. 💙
My name is Bailey. I am a 2-3 year old Staffie cross, I have sadly had a few homes since originally coming to the Sanctuary at 9 months old! I have made lots of progress each time In my homes but sadly I became more dominant in the home and became reactive to the dog in the house so we think a home on my own would be best. I would suit a child and pet free home. I'm a skittish boy at times  looking for reassurance from my owner, I have lots of potential and love to give and enjoy showing off my tricks. I love to play ball and enjoy my walks. I can be stressed being left alone so a home with someone in for the day would be ideal. I am spotless in my kennel and very gentle with the staff. I hope I don’t have to wait long in kennels.
Love Bailey xxx
This is Marley, he is 9 years old and sadly now looking for a new forever home. 
He needs to be the only dog in the house.
He has had contact with children. 
He is a very loving and friendly with everyone one he meets. 
He is coming into us on Thursday, if you can offer him a new please contact the rescue on 01515490959
This is Simba. He is a 2 1/2 year old crossbreed. He is a happy, handsome boy. He lived with another dog but got picked on by the other dog. So having been picked on we would prefer him to be the only dog in the house. He has lived with children, but probably 10 and over best as he is a bouncy boy. He is strong on his lead. He is a loving boy.
This is Sooty. He is still with his owner. He is a friendly boy originally rescued from Egypt at 6 months old. He would like an adult home with no small furries! Owner feels a home with no other dogs would be best for him, although he does currently live with a female Rottweiler. He can jump 6ft fence ignores dogs off lead but reactive to other dogs when on a lead. He is strong on the lead so needs a capable owner. He is a GSD/Saluki/Retriever cross! He is now about 6 years old. If you might be interested in meeting him please telephone us on 0151 549 0959
My name is Nikita and I feel a bit hopeless actually as if young Patsy can't get a home, what chance do I stand? Sean, my buddy took this lovely photo of me yesterday. He loves me, but how do I get someone else to love me? I spent a long period in police kennels. The behavioural expert who assessed me stated, ‘Once settled she is playful and sociable just not very brave". I am 9 yrs old and have been a much loved family pet, however, due to an incident that was not my fault, the court decided I should not be returned to my home and my owner agreed to sign me over to the Sanctuary for rehoming.
I have been through a lot and now need a calm kind home without children or other pets, where I can regain my confidence. Can someone with knowledge of my breed please give me a chance, I really feel I deserve it. I do need someone home most of the day.
If you would like to meet me I am currently at our boarding kennels so please ring 0151 549 0959 to arrange to see me. I'd love a visitor. Love and Licks. Nikita xx
Scooby is still waiting :-(
Scooby is currently not at the Sanctuary. He is currently at a specialist rehabilitation centre whilst we have our kennels refurbished.
Jack is still waiitng :-(
Jack is currently not at the Sanctuary. He is currently at a specialist rehabilitation centre whilst we have our kennels refurbished.
Please note. Scooby is currently not at the Sanctuary. He is currently at a specialist rehabilitation centre whilst we have our kennels refurbished.
Scooby has come back in. He needs an adult only home, with someone home most of the day.
Handsome Scooby is a 7 year old Jack Russell cross, he's larger than a Jack Russell but that just means he has even more love to give! 
Scooby had a sad past and until a few days ago lived his life confined to a yard. He knows what it's like to go hungry and is currently receiving extra meals as well as extra care. Scooby felt very worried when he first arrived with us but he's been busy learning he doesn't have to be afraid. Although sudden movements and new experiences can still frighten him, his personality is gradually coming out and we've found that once he knows he can trust you he loves nothing more than gentle belly rubs! This gorgeous boy needs a loving adult only forever home where he can be the only pet so he knows he's safe for life. Our lovely Scooby loves company and is crying out for a family of his own, it's making us so sad to see him in his kennel when he loves his human friends - could you be the one to make his dreams of companionship finally come true?
How much is that doggie in the window...! 

Of course our gorgeous Oscar is priceless! The cost is simply love, patience and commitment - but you will be repaid many times over.

Oscar is a typical wiggly-bum staffie who's been waiting way too long for his chance at happiness. This boy misses his home comforts and is just crying out for some company and attention, it really does break our hearts to know he waits alone day after day. Oscar needs an experienced adult owner with a pet and child free home, someone who will give this lovely boy the security and love he craves and show him he never has to worry again. Please contact us if you think you could be Oscar's perfect match, we know his forever home is out there somewhere!
Life from a pound dogs eyes....
My name is Harry, although really I look like more of a 'Scruffy'. The photo lady said she had never seen a dog that looked like me before. I look a bit like a Norfolk/Norwich terrier but double the size! I am a medium sized dog (as you can see on my new photos). I have a comical and adorable face! No one has any idea what breed I am. I was just left tied up outside Asda and no one claimed me. It's a tough life being a dog sometimes. I can be boisterous and dominant and would benefit from an active home with owners who are experienced with dogs like me, who would like a bit of training. I have an issue with vets! Any veterinary treatment I need is to be undertaken at The Sanctuary. I love other dogs but I can be possessive over toys and sticks etc so I need an adult only home as I can be dominant at first but once I know you I am really lovely, so I would like a firm but kind owner. Having said this, I was an angel for the photo lady and took my treats gently and sat down for her. I just need to know who is boss and then I think I will make an adorable companion for someone. The photo lady said I am very handsome and have lovely eyes. I love playing and cuddles. I am about 2 years old. Please come and see me. Love Harry xx
So many gorgeous dogs available for adoption! Please remember we are going through a massive kennel refurbishment so many dogs are not at the rescue please call us first to arrange a viewing. It won’t be much longer to wait now before we will have larger, modern kennels  to give homeless dogs a brighter life! Below you will find a brief description of the dogs pictured they are all desperate to be in a new home..

1) Paddy is a handsome 3-4 year old lurcher, walks perfect on his head collar and loves human company. House trained and isn’t a chewer when left for a couple of hours at a time. Very much a lounge lizard. He wants an adult home with no pets! Typical lurcher hates cats. 💙

2) Ty, a 1-2 year old staffie cross, sadly been over looked for many months now. His favourite hobbies are playing fetch and showing of his teeth chattering when he sees a ball! He is good with other dogs when introduced slowly. He is full of energy and needs an owner willing to give him the time to settle in a home. He needs a home with older children 12 + years and without other pets. ❤️

3) Duke is a stunning blue eyed boy! He is very friendly loves company of humans and dogs. He hasn’t been around cats. He has lots of energy and enjoys long walks. He’s getting stressed in kennels now, he loves  his home comforts. Duke could live with children 12 years plus 💙

4) little laddie, a 5 year old jack Russell. His owner sadly died and he’s sad and worried about starting a new life with a new owner. He is super friendly but has clearly had no training in a home and tends to guard random objects he may find, with training he should overcome this issue. He doesn’t like other dogs and wants to be the only pet in a home. He needs an experienced adult home with no children.   

5) Silly simba a gorgeous 2 year old staffie/mastiff crossbreed. A playful, happy boy with lots of love to give. Sadly over looked for being too bouncy and strong. He is brilliant in a home and has been around older children and loves nothing more than snuggling on the sofa. As he is strong and boisterous we are looking for a home with children 12years or over. Simba doesn’t get on with other dogs so will need a pet free home ❤️

6) Gentle giant Inka, a 2 year old kangal shepherd. She is a very large, strong dog who will require an experienced owner. Once Inka knows you she is a friend for life and very loyal. She doesn’t like other dogs and is currently having training at the rescue around dogs on a walk. Inka would suit a one person home or possibly 2 adults as she does protect her new owner and home. She enjoys playing with the staff and gives big sloppy kisses the staff all love her. She needs a special home. 💜

7) Nikita is an 8 year old husky, she has sadly had a few homes now but it just hasn’t worked out for her. She is friendly girl once she get to knows you, very loyal and affectionate. She is a one person dog she does not do well in a multiple household as she can be protective. Nikitas main issues are her resource guarding, she will protect her food and toys etc, this is manageable if you have dealt with this issue before. She does get along with dogs but due to her guarding issues she couldn’t share her home with other pets. 💜
Archie is a 7 year old Collie/American Bulldog cross who was homed a few years ago but sadly needs to come back to the sanctuary to find his happy ever after. He is a very handsome boy who is extremely affectionate and playful, once he has learned to trust his handler. He can be suspicious of strangers so any new owner will need a couple of visits to help Archie to build trust - once he knows and loves you, you will have the most loyal boy you could ever wish to meet!

Archie currently lives with another smaller dog. He is very strong on his lead and will need an experienced handler and a quiet adult-only home. He is spotlessly clean and very settled, both in a home and when in our boarding kennels, and he loves his toys and treats!

Please contact us if you think you could be the one to give this lovely boy his forever home.
Little laddie came into us last week, his owner had sadly passed away and no relatives could care for him. We had very limited information on him, only that he isn’t sociable with other dogs and he has only ever known the company of his owner. We knew we had to step in to help this little fella, he is only 5 years old and deserves to be back in a home! He was lucky and got adopted quickly but was unfortunately returned the following day. Once in a home environment  he became possessive over couches etc, chewing  and had bad habits like biting newspapers or any paperwork and when challenged he would growl. Laddie has clearly been allowed to do whatever he likes with his previous owner and likes to potter round keeping himself amused. Laddie is not a bad dog just misunderstood and lacking in basic training. He would definitely need an adult pet free home with experience of dominant terriers, and once settled and In a routine he will thrive. He is friendly with all strangers when he meets them and is well behaved with the staff at the rescue but is becoming stressed going back to his kennel. This lost laddie is desperately hoping his quirks don’t hold him back from being adopted. If you think you have the experienced special home he needs  please get in touch with us ❤️
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