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In Memory of Fudge

On 22nd April Fudge was sentenced to death.

His owner, Sandra never even got to say goodbye.


Rest In Peace, Fudge.

Fudge has lost his fight for life!

It is with the greatest of sadness and regret that we have to inform our loyal supporters and all who followed our campaign that Fudge is dead. This loyal, gentle, well trained dog, loved by all who met him, was slaughtered on the 22nd April 2013. This was only hours after his owner attended court to ask for his case to be stated, the judge refused.

Her lawyer Pam Rose made it clear to the court that she would be asking for a judicial review. In spite of this, the prosecution rushed from the court to bring in a vet to destroy Fudge at the kennels where he was being held. This was before an injunction could be obtained. The solicitors acting for fudge and his owner made it clear the intention to appeal the decision. The vet was called away before the destruction could take place. For reasons of their own, the prosecution was determined to end the life of this fine worthy, tow year old dog, who had never harmed a person or another animal. The judge stated “there is nothing whatsoever wrong with Furdge!. Every report about him was positive.

Why did he have to die? Why were they so determined to kill him?

Is is our belief that this terrible act is not within the spirit of the law. We do not believe that the law was meant to target dogs that had never offended or owners that had never behaved badly with the dog. all right minded people would want the full force of the law directed against bad owners and dogs that have proven to be a danger. This was never the case with Fudge or his owner. Fudge was obedient, loving and very gentle, he never pulled on the lead. One of the reasons the death sentence was imposed upon him because his caring 60 year old owner had arthritis in her knees. This lady had Fudge neutered, chipped and insured, she always behaved responsibly even though she did not believe him to be a pit bull terrier. He was described in court as a mongrel but because of his appearance he was condemned to death.

On behalf of the Trustees and staff at the sanctuary and Fudges friends everywhere, we send love and condolences to Sandra, who love and commitment to Fudge was unconditional.

She fought so hard to save him and so did all of her friends.

And now our message to Fudge. They can’t hurt you anymore boy. You were taken from your home and were probably frightened. The last year of your life was spent in secret kennel, away from your owner who loved you and who you loved in return. We hope there was someone at those kennels who gave you a pat on the head and a kind word, after all, who could resist your winning ways. And knowing you Fudge you probably kicked the hand of the vet that dealt the final injustice. Farewell lovely boy, we hope you are somewhere better and you have crossed the rainbow bridge.

fudgefudge2Fun free Fudge. We will never forget you.

Breed specific legislation should punish the owner and not the breed.