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Saving Bull Breeds

Carla Lane Animals In Need provide home assessments, witness statements and advice for owners of seized dogs.

We are against the breed specific Legislation and believe that the law needs to be changed to blame the owner, not the dog.

Here are some of the lucky dogs we have helped bring home.


Remy has now been returned home to her owner, pictured with Fran Ellis who is the founder and trustee of Carla Lane Animals In Need.

Fran has been helping owners of seized pitbull terriers to bring them home since 2007.



Pink our very own loveable, legal Pitbull Terrier. She was returned to us back in 2007 and lives a safe happy life with us here at Carla Lane Animals In Need.

To see more photos of our special girl, visit Pinks own page.



Frankie was safely returned and added to the index of exempted dogs.

He is now safe to lead a full and happy life as a legal Pitbull.




Ki was added to the index of exempted dogs and safely returned home





Patch (pictured with her owner) is now safely back where she belongs and is now a legal registered Pitbull



kiloandchampKilo and Champ

Kilo (red) and Champ (brindle) both returned home safely last year and have now been added to the index of exempted dogs.




Unfortunately, not all harmless dogs are lucky. Fudge was a much loved member of a family who was sentenced to death on 22nd April 2013. His owner, Sandra, never even got to say goodbye. We have a page in memory of Fudge.