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Some of the other rescue centres and organisations we work with

Barn Lodge Veterinary Hospital

barn-lodge-veterinary-hospitalBarn Lodge Veterinary Hospital are our main Sanctuary vets.

They attend every Tuesday for routine check ups and vaccinations for our dogs and cats. This has saved a lot of stress for our animals in not needing to be routinely transported.

They have 4 Practices in Ormskirk, Kirkby, Skelmersdale & Orrell.

K9 of LC Training Academy


We have a great working relationship with K9 of LC Training Academy that started in 2015.

They come every week to the Sanctuary and undertake training sessions with our dogs. It has been of great benefit to us.

The dogs are getting one to one training for their individual issues and socialisation amongst other dogs and timeout of kennels. They love it! The staff are benefiting from  the training sessions too.

Currently K9 offer a course of training sessions for dogs that have been adopted from us at a discounted rate of £70 for 20 lessons.

We have had lots of positive feedback from owners.


Dog & Animal Welfare Law

Dog & Animal Welfare LawParry Welch & Lacey are very experienced legal experts based in Liverpool, there is no substitute for experience.

They specialise in many fields and pride themselves on the quality, efficiency and expertise.

If you need legal help for any animal related offence or any other matter, give them a call on 0151 480 4061, no matter what situation you are in.

Parry Welch Lacey
4 Gentwood Parade
L36 2QB



Born Innocent

born-innocentBorn Innocent believes that dog bites occur due to irresponsible ownership and emphasis on particular breeds does not keep the public safe, as all dogs have the ability to bite.

Their mission is to focus on bite prevention outside of breed focused strategies.

Theycampaign for breed neutral legislation in the UK backed by a framework that fosters education, responsible ownership and bite prevention, supported by scientific research.

DDA Watch


DDA Watch

The founding principles of DDA Watch are that no dog is inherently dangerous by virtue of its breed alone and that, by focusing on certain breeds or types of dogs instead of placing the emphasis of  responsibility on the owners and breeders of dogs, we fail to target the real core of the issue.

notguiltyteesmDDA Watch monitors issues arising as a result of canine legislation and helps to keep the general public aware whilst building a better picture of the problems and campaigning for change. We campaign for an end to breed specific legislation and for dog laws to be focused on the owners and breeders of dogs, regardless of the breed or type.

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