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Brighter Lives Appeal Campaign 2017

We wish all our supporters and 4 legged and feathered friends a very happy and peaceful new year.

Thank you for all your support during 2016. 

We hope you will spread the word and support our 2017 Brighter Lives campaign to fund the urgently needed refurb of the dog pens.

All 36 dogs in the main kennels will benefit by the light and airy new kennels with outside runs overlooking the fields so they can be stimulated by what’s going on, it can be lonely and boring day after day locked in a kennel. The new pens will significantly enrich the lives of the long term  dogs and every dog will have access to their own outside space and be able to feel the sun on their backs. They will no longer be in rusty kennels that are falling apart with sharp edges that have to be taped up. 

This is the most important task ahead of us we owe it to the dogs in our care to provide them with the best possible life we can give them. With the support of our wonderful Facebook friends and website followers, we can make this dream a reality. 

Our challenge is £100k and we have £30k towards this. Please spread the word about our GoFundMe appeal for Brighter Lives and donate every £1 counts no amount is too small. We are having a memory wall so people can donate in memory of loved ones and their names will be displayed and honoured for all to see. 

On behalf of the animals, thank you for all you do for our cause. 

Please visit


to donate and view our appeal video

Kennel Refurbishment

We need to completely strip and refurbish the dog pens to provide modern comfortable units, with some outside runs for the abused and long term dogs. We have 30 large pens to renovate, plus new lighting and ventilation are also needed.

Any small donation you can make is appreciated and will go a long way to make the kennels much better for our doggy visitors.

Click if you can help

Sponsor an Animal Campaign

Private fund raisers have offered to help us cover the costs of some of our long term dogs and cats.

If anyone wishes to support this initiative, please can they ring 0151 428 7381 or write to:

On Your Doorstep Sponsorship Campaign Team
On Your Doorstep Ltd
48-52 Penny Lane
Mossley Hill
L18 1DG

The office is manned most days and there is an answer phone message service for any busy or out of hours enquiries

Thank you!

We also have a Facebook Page

Staffordshire bull terriers needing homes

Adorable fun loving Staffordshire bull terriers needing homes.

We are currently over flowing with staffies of all ages shapes and sizes, many Staffies are being put to sleep BEFORE we can help them because we simply dont have room to take anymore.

Please note, we have a NO DESTRUCTION POLICY, but many Staffies that end up in Pounds etc are being put to sleep due to the lack of space at rescues.

Please, if you can offer a home to one of these gorgeous dogs, contact us on 0151 549 0959

Bedding Appeal

We are always looking for bedding, towels, sheets and blankets. So if you are having a clear out, please think of us for your unwanted bedding donations.

Donations can be dropped off at the Sanctuary or we can collect.

Pet Food Appeal

We are always in need of pet food for the animals. With so many animals to feed, we really appreciate any donations of pet food.

If you would like to help us by donating pet food, we are always looking for the following

  • Tinned cat & dog food
  • Dried cat & dog food
  • Rabbit food
  • Tins of Pilchards
  • Tins of Tuna
  • Tins of Sardines
  • Hotdog Sausages

Pink’s Memorial Fund

It’s with great sadness that we have to report the death of our beautiful perfect girl ‘Pink ‘ a pit bull to be proud of. Loving, gentle loyal, a funny friendly girl loved by everyone who met her. A great friend to the two ginger cats and dogs, Polly, Frankie Cody also Chico who died earlier in the year.

Pink represented all that is WRONG with Breed Specific Legislation, which sentences so may wonderful, INNOCENT pets, just like her, to death. She was fortunate to have been tied to our gate New Year’s Day 2008. We fought a big court battle to keep her and have her exempted to our charity with Fran as her Keeper and Cathy to look after her everyday.

So many of Pinks kind are not so lucky and are condemned to death because of how they look even though they have never hurt a person or animal. It is a shameful state of affairs that pets are removed, often with great force from loving owners and subjected to months of incarceration, before being sentenced to death.

We are supposed to be a nation of dog lovers but it seems that some dogs are not allowed to be loved, however loving and gentle they are. They have no protection under the law and their owners often live in fear of their pets being seized. We assist so many traumatised owners in their plight to win their pets back. its a long hard road but we are very successful in most cases.

As well as the emotional strain there are horrendous financial costs to be met court and legal fees and kennel costs run into thousands of pounds, imposed up on the owners who dare to challenge the right of the law to destroy harmless innocent pets.

WE NEED YOUR HELP and the help of all those who consider themselves to be TRUE dog lovers. We have to raise awareness and funds to keep up the fight for the rights of these dogs and owners, who are no different to you and I.

Please give generously to Pinks memorial fund and help make a difference to those dogs awaiting execution. With your support we can continue bring dogs home and work to change this dreadful unjust piece of legislation that causes misery and suffering. DONATE NOW!! Message ‘I’ll stand by you’ and show your support for this worthy cause. HELP these sad innocent dogs, lonely and frightened in police kennels, be returned to the people who love and miss them. Please give generously in memory of Pink and all those wonderful pets that enriched our lives.

Please donate to help innocent dogs be reunited with their families.